Lucia Caruso: A Biography

Lucia Caruso begins her studies of Classical Ballet, Jazz and Folk Dances in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and soon joins a professional Flamenco dance company. She also performs as Flamenco dancer in a movie and on TV. Additionally, she starts teaching dance and takes part in various stage performances.

In 1990, Lucia Caruso goes to Cuba, and is invited by the Ballet Nacional de Cuba to study and teach at the Gran Teatro de La Habana, as well as to create and present one choreographic work of her own there.

Then she moves to Italy for a two-year stay in Sicily and Venice regions working as dance teacher and choreographer.

Her constant quest for professional development and artistic achievement leads her to Madrid, Spain for a couple years, where she furthers her studies and hones her skills with great Flamenco masters.

Returning to Brazil in 1994, she works as Flamenco dance teacher in São Paulo, establishes her own Flamenco dance company, directing and choreographing several stage presentations, and successfully takes part in various major dance competitions around the country.

Finally, in 2005, she moves to London, where she has been teaching Flamenco dance and Castanets classes at Danceworks. She has presented Summer workshops at The Place and at Millennium Dance 2000, where she has also created an exclusive choreography. In 2009, she joins Kingston University's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and delivers the Module "From Street to Stage", teaching Flamenco dance steps and how this traditional dance has evolved from underground cultural expression to mainstream show business.

Lucia Caruso also offers private tuition to a wide range of students, from dance aficionados who want to learn some steps, to high-level professional performers seeking refinement.

Lucia teaches in Mayfair • Islington • Hertfordshire • Buckinghamshire